Womens Office Fashion of 1950’s – (Original Footage)

Womens Office Fashion of 1950's - (Original Footage)

Old film footage from the 1950’s showing women’s fashion for the office. http://www.digitalPimple.com http://www.diyinventor.com.
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Wearing a dress with belt loops presents a tricky problem for many women. Overcome the obstacle of belt loops with this free video by a professional model. E…

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4 Responses to “Womens Office Fashion of 1950’s – (Original Footage)”

  1. digitalPimple says:

    LOL. Look at this!

  2. lunalinio says:

    there are some moments in the video where i wonder if she (model) is

  3. Kat G. says:

    That dress does NOT flatter her at all =/

  4. Ricky V says:

    the only thing people need to know is to match their belt (leather) with
    their shoes (leather) and buckle (metal) with their other accessories
    (metal). not this worthless info