Women’s Fashion Style Guide: Dressing The 60’s Style – London Look

Women's Fashion Style Guide: Dressing The 60's Style - London Look

Watch as Westfield Fashion Stylist Donny Gallela explain how to dress the 60’s vibe from London! Look and feel fabulous with 60’s style clothes and shoes: No…
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Measuring for a woman’s bra is done by wrapping a flexible tape measure or piece of yarn around a women’s bust line. Find out how to measure for a bra with t…
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27 Responses to “Women’s Fashion Style Guide: Dressing The 60’s Style – London Look”

  1. TheDeextra says:

    love all but the yellow coat, too cliche

  2. Fenclanner says:

    gay alert lawl

  3. ChasehaWing says:

    *shrugs* I dunno. besides there’s not that much difference between a 33 and
    a 34…is there?

  4. Bethany Lynn says:

    if you’re supposed to subtract the body and the breast measurement, I got
    5. Is there a such a size as an e cup?

  5. Bethany Lynn says:

    new feedback about the vic secret bra. After I had the 32c on for about a
    week, it became kinda uncomfortable. I guess I truly am a half size (33″).
    32’s are too tight and 34’s are a lil too big! I give up! haha!

  6. lennic95 says:

    @kleinschmitterling You can try on top instead…

  7. ChasehaWing says:

    Too much info man.

  8. kawaiinekochick2 says:

    @KellyGarsha They exist O.o What on earth are you going on about??

  9. Glenn Smith says:

    Want to see what real women are wearing around the world? visit
    realwomenstyle to upload your own photos to share.

  10. viva la jazzy luzt says:


  11. fernanties says:

    They’re dramatic if they are in my face.

  12. ChasehaWing says:

    5 is DD, but yes, there is an E cup.

  13. meyiyiyi55 says:

    great advice..

  14. Lynda Harris says:

    @kleinschmitterling you always add 5 inches to the bottom. so yours would
    actually be 33 inches (round to 34). and then around your bust area is like
    33 or 34? so yes you would b a 34A cup. if you dont want to add 5 inches,
    just measure the top of the bust and it should b exactly 33 or 34 inches.
    She actually did it in this video too but mentally. because at 0:52 u can
    see 29″ so she just added 5 (or a little less than that) and got 32 inches

  15. jxbirdd says:

    My underbust is 27 inches as well, and I wear 32s very often. You’re right
    that it’s a tad too loose, but 30 is a better fit than a 28. I mean, 32
    fits nicely on the last hook.

  16. Bethany Lynn says:

    I actually did go back to victorias secret and bought some bras. The
    closest fit was the 32c so you were right. I would say that 32c is much
    closer to being a sister size to 34a rather then 32b though lol.

  17. jxbirdd says:

    Aren’t they pretty? I love underwear so very much. I wish I could be a
    Victoria’s Secret model.

  18. schnookums239 says:

    ok now i’m confused and don’t know what size i am anymore

  19. Bethany Lynn says:

    You know so much about these odd sizes I never knew existed. Now bras are
    more confusing to me then ever. I should go to underwear school. :b

  20. NusquamNihil says:

    Thank you. 🙂

  21. Bethany Lynn says:

    technically yes there is a difference.I’ve been told that a good and
    supportive bra has to fit perfectly.Although it is hard to find half size
    bras. I used to fit perfectly into a 34a, then several years later I find
    out that the top part of my body has lost some weight and unfortunately in
    the bust area 🙁

  22. wishondandilions says:

    @YoFantasy01 your an idiot. Srry

  23. Bethany Lynn says:

    Well I know that I’m not a 32a because I tried 4 of them on at victoria
    secrets and only one kinda fit. I truly believe I wear a half size which is
    around 33a or b

  24. Patricia Burton says:

    OK this lady knows what she is talking about! It is about time…don’t
    believe the people telling you to add inches to the band measurement. That
    will give you the wrong size!

  25. Unten Drunter says:

    I wanna measure the cup size by my own. 🙂 She is really sweet. What’s
    here name?

  26. aterack833 says:

    i came here be cause i thought it would be hot , but it turned out to be
    very informative thank you for this (possibly even for me) useful

  27. Bethany Lynn says:

    But you see I measured myself a 33 bust. I currently wear 34a bras. That
    measurement can’t be right lol