Womens Fashion Sandals – Taos Footwear

Womens Sandals, Part rugged and part sexy, summery sandal. Gives you pedicure-baring allure. Wearable comfort sandal. Flattering fit that captures the best o…

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23 Responses to “Womens Fashion Sandals – Taos Footwear”

  1. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    Perfect summer sandals

  2. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    There is some metal anchor that is double reinforced and then there is
    stiching on the inside. the flowers cannot come off easily at all

  3. LaurelsCurls says:

    Yeah, that is a great look shoe. Lovely design!!

  4. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    These defl will get you through the disney with added cuteness. I hope they
    work out. You can get them at DSW

  5. Pretti Uneekhair says:


  6. Coily Mane says:

    Look at you!!!..that hair is gorgeous!!!!…im passing this along to my gf
    who has fallen arches..

  7. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    these and the ones you were wearing that day

  8. n2meuc2 says:

    Glad you found some comfy sandals!! : )

  9. TheNaturalmystery says:

    Thanks for this video. I am looking for a shoe to wear during my trip to
    Disney, and these seem like a good fit. Thanks again.

  10. MissLeeLee37 says:

    I really like those, I will look into them. I would have to find a store
    because I have wide feet and it is hard for me to buy shoes online.

  11. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    Thanks for watching,

  12. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    Thanks Valerie

  13. Valerie Granville says:

    very nice

  14. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    Clark! Lady you are like me comfort to the Max. I also have clarks because
    they make narrow width as well.

  15. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    then these will be good choice because I an flat footed and can wear these
    all day without any foot issues. Also tell your friend to check Keen
    sandals, both the open toe and closed toe

  16. flavawear says:

    Those are cute! I usually do Clarks, Dr. Scholls, but I might have to look
    into those. With arthritis, I usually choose comfort over style, but with
    those, I can do both. Do they have a good selection of colors? Thanks for
    the video. Love your hair by the way!

  17. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    Hmm, I have major foot problems and could never find comfort in Dr.
    Scholls. Clarks- heck yea! This was my first purchase for this brand and I
    am inpatiently waiting for their fall collection of shoes. You might also
    want to try Keen shoes. I have many of them and they are very comfortable.
    A little on the outdoorsie look, but that is my style. I am like you give
    me a pair of shoes I can “work” with. Thanks for watching.

  18. Beautiful Soul401 says:

    Love the hair. Are those little flowers sewn on the inside of the shoe?

  19. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    These and the brand Keen are excellent walking sandals and shoes.

  20. essentials4you says:

    Never heard of that brand but they are cute…and the color will go with
    everything..Thanks for sharing. Did I miss where you purchased them?

  21. sweetykaes mosley says:

    I’m in love with them, I usally get my shoes from Clark, but these are
    cute, will have to try them.

  22. ladynefertiti Bk says:

    Nice looking sandals. I need better comfortable shoes.

  23. Pretti Uneekhair says:

    Hi Essentials, I got them at DSW