Why Women Paint Their Nails

The unexpected technological, economic and social changes that made nail polish a beauty staple. Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Z8y9BJ Share this on…

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25 Responses to “Why Women Paint Their Nails”

  1. Kyra Lee says:

    Why do we go to so much effort to put on false eyelashes? 

  2. Manga Games Brad says:

    I wish men would start painting their nails ._.

  3. Osiris Malkovich says:

    As a male, I love to have my nails painted, but I get a lot of flack for
    it, more even than when I wear a kilt/skirt. I wonder why nails are more

  4. Dustin Mitchell says:

    I don’t particularly care for the way nail polish looks. I like a more
    natural look, myself. In fact, sometimes I find very bright and vibrant
    colors to look “almost gross”.
    That’s all just my opinion, of course.

  5. carla perdomo says:

    Why are women’s and men’s fragrances so different? Colognes tend to be more
    musky and strong while perfume is sweet and floral. Is there any particular

  6. Matthew Vanderlaan says:

    I’ve been enjoying the videos you produce, but finally have a reason to
    speak up: I paint my nails despite being a man. For me, it started as a
    means of taking better care of my nails and cuticles since I had the habit
    of tearing at them rather than cutting them. I started painting my nails
    and the color and polish reminds me to not tear at them, since time and
    money went into making my nails look that way.

    I’ve also had great moments of talking to people about my nails and
    indirectly discussing gendered behavior in society. A caterer at a wedding
    I attended was really excited because she told me her nine year old nephew
    likes painting his nails but is afraid of how people will react and she was
    glad to have met me so she could give him an example of an adult man who
    paints his nails.

  7. Megan Wilson says:

    I don’t really like to paint my fingernails. I keep my nails *extremely*
    short, as short as I can possibly clip them without pain (and I have to
    redo it every few days) because for some reason if I can touch my
    fingertips together and feel nails touching it drives me nuts. I do
    occasionally like to get my toes done, but it’s more for the massage that
    comes with it than anything (plus I sometimes request an N7 design for the
    big toes which makes me super happy).

  8. Enuvrack says:

    As someone who identifies neither as a man or woman, I always found gender
    norms confusing. I couldn’t grasp why everyone else seemed to be so
    comfortable in the places they were assigned and simply wasn’t. I still
    don’t get it to this day.

  9. KaylaNoelle1 says:

    I paint mine so they don’t break, if I leave them without for a few days
    they all break off and ouch! 

  10. Cule Chick says:

    I always assumed that, as you’ve said, nail polish for a women symbolizes
    nice, clean, well-kept hands. Where it is still more common and acceptable
    for men to have difficult, manual-labor type jobs that can mess up their
    hands, so they don’t bother with it. A lot of high class men do get
    manicures, but most don’t go so far as to wear bright colors, since it
    might clash with their black-and white suits, and limits your tie options.

  11. Eric Taylor says:

    When I worked as a welder a lot of guys (including myself) used clear nail
    polish to protect our nails. Working in that environment is really hard on
    nails even when you wear gloves. The nail polish helped a lot.

  12. StarWarsNerdy02 says:

    As a muslim girl I’m only allowed to paint my nails when I’m on my period
    because that’s the only time i don’t have to pray. We aren’t supposed to
    wear nail polish outside of that because it doesn’t allow water to touch
    your nails when you have to perform wudhu (cleaning before prayer). 

  13. anonymousMist says:

    I just do it cause it’s fun! lol

  14. Raylene Gerlach says:

    I personally don’t like having my fingernails painted. It makes my fingers
    and hands feel heavier and I tend to mess with and fidget my hands a lot
    more frequently when I had my nails painted. It’s been over 4 years since I
    had my nails painted and I’m not looking to break that any time soon..

  15. Lily Dalbkce says:

    When I was little, my mom and I would be painting nails and of course my
    brother would want to join in. So we would all paint our nails. My dad saw
    it once and was really mad. Having divorced parents, my dad basically told
    my brother never to do that again and whenever he’d see us doing it he’d
    get really upset. My mom would try to tell him it was okay and he would do
    it again but every time my dad would chew him out.
    Apparently nail polish can turn your son gay. Who knew? Apparently not my
    straight, 14 year old brother. Not that it would matter if he was gay, but

  16. Dimefan91 says:

    Giggled like a schoolgirl during your depression song

  17. NGHow Gh0st!ng_36 says:

    Are women trying to turn men into chicks with dicks or something. The men
    that do (cool for you), it’s a fashion statement, or some logical reason.
    Why do women do it, why worry about you hair, nails and make up and
    clothes, sounds pretty vain to me.

  18. Patrick Melody says:

    I totally forgot about that bicycle necklace! As for nails, makeup, heels,
    etc… the only thing I can think is that when your body has a pair of
    attractive ornaments built right onto the front, you just kinda think,
    “What other kinds of ornamentation can I do to play up this theme?”

    I mean, yes, men have their penises, but those are totally hidden most of
    the time, both because they’re flacid, and because… pants.

    Women are Christmas. Men are Tuesday.

  19. Sam_Is_So_Odd says:

    Heels, Wigs, Makeup, “Robes” all things that used to be gender neautral are
    now super ‘feminine’. I think it has a lot to do with marketing. The need
    to drive things as being for a specific group in order to make more
    products for more groups or to isolate groups so they have to have
    ‘different’ products to increase sales.

  20. indigothecat says:

    Modern Society has different expectations for what makes men and women
    attractive and respectable. Though the lines are blurring, certain things
    still exist from the past.

    1. Women are expected to look good.
    2. Men are expected to work very hard.
    3. To men (as a social group), much of a women’s worth is determined by
    her image.
    4. To women (as a social group), much of a man’s worth is determined by
    his job and wealth.

    As I said, times are changing, but there is still some divide in these

  21. Sterling Wilson says:

    Women paint their nails to display that they do not have to labor for a
    living. The less labor a woman perform the higher status she has. Same idea
    with shoes that are good for nothing except walking with great intent.
    These are not signs of great production. They are signs of great leisure.

  22. Corbinite says:

    I would have expected egg yolks instead of whites to be used in the early
    chinese nail polish, since paint can be made from yolks.

  23. Iamthedragon64 says:

    I knew a guy in elementary school who liked to paint his nails sky blue.

  24. Lizzette Tamayo says:

    LOOOOOOVE you’re necklace!!!!!

  25. Ivazea Andes says:

    Maybe I’m odd but I CAN’T wear polish. It actually makes my fingers feel
    heavy or tight. It drives me crazy because my sister pretty much had me get
    them done for her wedding. They drove me crazy for 3 days before it finally
    started coming off. I don’t know what they use in those professional place
    polishes but regular removed didn’t get much off, it just sort of lightened
    and smeared it.