West Coast Leather for West Coast TV # 2 Women’s Fashion Designs by Skip Pas

Models: LeeAnna Vamp and Leanna Bartlett — Designer leather brand in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square . The former North Beach Leather GM founded W…

http://www.SaveMoneyManageMoneyMakeMoney.com http://www.PhilinVancouver.com http://www.PhilinBangkok.com After filming the Central Plaza Lat Phrao Mall, for …

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9 Responses to “West Coast Leather for West Coast TV # 2 Women’s Fashion Designs by Skip Pas”

  1. jarcje says:

    @philinbangkok Yeah! It was great thanks!

  2. Salieri Amadeus says:

    Your video reminded me of my sole visit to the Union Mall & the Central
    Plaza Lat Phrao. A shop manager in Bangkok told me to visit his shop’s
    branch in Phrao and i took the MRT from Asok to MoChit to check the
    Saturday market where i spent few hours then up to Lat Phrao where i saw
    hordes of people flocking towards the Union Mall & ignoring Central most of
    the time! I followed them and discovered a bargain heaven of a mall. 🙂
    Thanks for the great video and mind the focus on your cam again. :p

  3. fennielyn says:

    Thanks for the awesome vid phil! Added another place to explore on my list
    when I go back to BKK on monday. yippppeee! lol

  4. dulanijay says:

    Hi love this video! Gr8 work. I ll be going next week to bkk. can i know
    which mall and floor was those hair extensions? thx

  5. Willy Pong says:

    Thanks 4 vdo

  6. highsoguy22 says:

    hi phil.you do lots of filming in bkk .i watching when you go around bkk
    ..but you speak alots of english only.. can you speak thai.. i never hear
    you say a word in thai yet.. pls say something in thai.?

  7. PaengYP says:

    Thanks for your aewsome VDO, it’s my next station to shop. 😀

  8. jarcje says:

    Great Video! Sadly Central Plaza Ladprao is just closed will open in August
    2011 agaiN!

  9. naokait says:

    I found many nice things there …thanks