Swarovski Crystal Women’s Fashion Watch – Phosphor Watches

http://phosphorwatches.com The Phosphor Appear Bracelet includes Micro Mechanical Digital Technology, which utilizes miniature sized rotors adorned with Swar…
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15 Responses to “Swarovski Crystal Women’s Fashion Watch – Phosphor Watches”

  1. PhosphorWatches says:

    Thanks, Brandi! We love them too!

  2. Fulcrum14 says:

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song?? It’s awesome!!

  3. sara11975 says:

    pretty watch <3

  4. Meech Chelle says:

    Hello – love the look of these watches and I just tried to order one on
    your website but it seems CANADA isnt one of the countries that you ship
    to? You ship to many many other countries is this a mistake? thank you —

  5. Lindzey Taylor says:

    I love the first one! who wouldnt love Swarovski Crystals. 🙂

  6. brandilovesbeauty says:

    love it of course 🙂

  7. Janill Abreu says:

    Wow these watches are top of the line i love them ! the first one is amazing

  8. shugarlmo says:


  9. true1214 says:

    so beautiful my favorite one is Phosphor Appear Rose Gold Crystal Watch
    with White Nylon Bracelet

  10. liilkim1 says:

    i would love to have this watch !! soo pretty !

  11. MinMiniMoo says:


  12. Yna Hyu says:

    I Love it! Love the crystals, it’s so elegant! It’s a perfect gift for
    Christmas for my pretty sister!

  13. PhosphorWatches says:

    Hi Michelle! That is correct, but we do have a retailer in Canada that you
    can contact. Please go to phosphorwatches (dot) com and click “Contact” for
    this retailer. Thank you!

  14. Gosplesongs says:

    Hey Im glad you add me has a friend thx any ways you can also add my other
    channel fashionandbeautyisme thts where I make most video

  15. YouMe Lin says:

    lovely watch!