Sleek Curly High Puff | Natural Hair Tutorial

Sleek Curly High Puff | Natural Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, Finally, I have a lighting kit which means that I can now share with you natural hair tutorials. yay! I am really excited for these videos. I hope to experiment and learn from my…
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23 Responses to “Sleek Curly High Puff | Natural Hair Tutorial”

  1. Adventswithalicia says:

    Love your hair puff, looks great. I’m not natural but I’m always looking
    for new hair style inspirations. And yay for the lighting kit, I def need
    to get one for myself. I have terrible lighting at home. :(

  2. Ambi Ell says:

    Thumbs up for moisturized hair! Your puff is so cute, and I LOVE Johnny (:

  3. Kandie Leigh says:

    YOURMAKEUP IS ALWAYS FLAWLESS! and the results of your hair are so nice! I
    feel like I can never get my edges to be super sleek because i can never
    find hair ties strong enough to hold all of my hair!! ugh

  4. Miss Kevonni says:

    Love it! What kind of gel did you use?

  5. Khalilah K.J. says:

    Ohhh the puff is so cute on you! Yay to the new lighting! I can’t wait to
    see all the natural tutorials xx

  6. FashionTwinz84 says:

    Great Puff! You are beautiful and so is your hair!! You have inspired our
    next video! Thanks!!! New Subbie! :-)

  7. nina andberry says:

    loved the backgrouunddd music doll are you african ? am transitioning to
    natural right now soo scarred !!! can you do a video on how to transition
    to natural? or have you always been natural?

  8. LivinStylish By Gaby says:

    great style babe

  9. Jumie Anne says:

    Love your hair, nicely done. I can’t wait till my hair get this long again.
    Thanks for sharing beautiful. 

  10. Nickyloveslove says:


  11. naturellementvotre says:

    beautiful hair, nicely done! thanks a lot!!!

  12. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    Cute curly puff!

  13. NaturallyLovingBeauty says:

    Super cute style! Love your texture 

  14. TheALGLifestyle says:
  15. goldcoastdebuty says:
  16. LoveCoffeeAndMe says:

    super cute style

  17. Charleen Unagha says:

    your hair is gorge! <3

  18. heart angel says:

    nice video i loved it i also subbed please watch y videos as well and
    subbed thanks for the love big up 

  19. Princess Patrocinio says:

    I enjoyed your tutorial^^ and oh my I want the shirtyou are wearing^^
    subbie here

  20. NickaPaulo says:

    Love your lipsick and your earrings =)

  21. Princess Ezeofor says:

    Omgggggg you make me want to wear my natural hair!

  22. Ume Amanu says:

    Love this! You’re so beautiful!

  23. Jubilee Tantoy says:

    Hey! I just came across your channel <3 Let's support each other! Lets do
    sub for sub so we can stay in touch! 🙂 Tell me if you did sub :)