Over 35 Beauty: November Favorites 2014!

Are you over 35 and looking for monthly beauty favorites? Davison has your November Favorites 2014! The products featured in this November Favorites 2014 monthly favorites are: 1. Ibuki by…
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Hits & Misses ♥ Finished Products/ Empties! pt. 9 ♡ aLoveTart

Empties. Finished up products. The final say! I love this series, giving my thoughts after completely using up some beauty essentials. Would I purchase them …

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29 Responses to “Over 35 Beauty: November Favorites 2014!”

  1. eldermageSky says:

    Hi, when are you releasing a new “One nightly question” video? Not to rush
    you or anything whatsoever, just a question :).

    What the best day that you’ve ever had? Hopefully it can get futured!
    Thanks 😀 !

  2. Guus Hinrichs says:

    Why makeup you’re beautiful anyway seems like a boring video :/

  3. Onehundredjobs says:
  4. Mukkta Karandikar says:

    Heyy supercool video… Loved d CC cream n ur lip balms i m surely gonna
    try dem… Also i jus subbed to ur channel n wud reely appreciate if u can
    sub back to mine too… keep rocking… loads of luck :*

  5. Wendy Bentley says:

    Ooo Ill have to try out that Pantene shampoo! sounds nice 🙂 xo

  6. :0) xxxJoolsxxx (BarrysDaughter) says:

    Annabelle sounds in fine form, can’t wait for the words to come :0)

  7. Elle Is For Living says:

    I do love Bliss but only get mine at TJ Maxx. I absolutely love your do! ♥

  8. Karina Kaboom says:

    could nottt stop starring at ur nails!!! <3 beautiful

  9. [B]ecky! says:

    I’ve seen the jumbo Bliss body butter at my TJ Maxx and Marshall’s in the
    past couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure it was around $19.99. Good deal, but
    I have enough stuff that I should finish first.

  10. Kenzie Evans says:

    You can find the big size of the Bliss body butters at TJ Maxx for about
    20-25 dollars! 

  11. Kristen Cuzzo says:

    i’ve said this to you before but your nail beds are amazinggggg. so

  12. Eats Bon Bons says:

    Yes, those ELF cuticle pens are at Target! I love them ;)

  13. Angel Parker says:

    Tree Hut is my holy grail body lotion! I get the tropical mango scent. I
    also love their sugar scrub 🙂 And yes, I get the elf cuticle pen at
    Target for $1

  14. mandy22f says:

    I got some Bliss products last year from my sister in law. I think she got
    them at Ross or Marshals? Really liked them, loved the massage/soap bar :)

  15. faeriesmak says:

    Make sure to return that shampoo that you disliked to Target!

  16. Jenniffer Romagno says:

    I’ve seen the Bliss at TJMaxx and Ross! I highly recommend Pacifica Indian
    Coconut Nectar Body Butter. It smells like summer in a bottle and it’s
    super hydrating! I have one on each corner of my house and at my desk at
    work AND my purse! The big guys are $15 and you can get them at Ulta or
    Target, though I’ve seen them more in stock at Ulta. Any other drugstores
    that you know of that carry ELF? I’m not sure if Rite Aid/CVS/Walgreens has
    that brand. I haven’t seen the pen at Target. Our local CVS just started
    carrying NYX which is super exciting! 

  17. Jessica Smith says:

    Your nails are gorgeous!! What polish do you have on? I loved hearing
    Annabelle in the background! She is so cute! You describe products very

  18. Tawni Jules says:

    dove is my fav deodorant too! i really love your eye makeup here. can you
    do a FOTD on it?

  19. Erin Kohlhorst says:

    I love your videos! 🙂 You give great tips, recommendations, and I love the
    FOTDs you do! I have been stressed out packing to move from VA to TX but
    somehow having your videos on is getting me through! 🙂 Even when Im not
    paying attention, your voice is very calming.Thank you!!

  20. Emily Burton says:

    This video was great! I just wish Target had that elf cuticle pen, but I
    don’t think they do. I’ll have to try it some time!

  21. nsbhater says:

    That u have a blog…n have had it for yr appearantly…I’m so

  22. J Hughes says:

    Hi Mary! Hi Annabelle! ❤️ Great video! Thanks for doing this for your
    peeps. Target Canada (at least in my town) doesn’t carry the ELF cuticle
    pen, but they do carry most of the ELF Studio line. Love their $3 lip
    Question: may I ask how you came up with your “alovetart” name? It’s so cute
    XO – Jeannie from Canada 

  23. Rose Stewart-Fram says:

    Love theses videos because you explain why you like or dislike a product.
    I’m going to get an ELF cuticle pen, I rip out my cuticles. Sick, I know.
    Love hearing Annabelle!

  24. Lozza says:

    When I first heard Annabelle’s cry I thought there was a giant bee buzzing
    right next to the microphone haha! Love the video xx

  25. Paint Those Piggies says:

    Your makeup and nails are gorgeous in this video 🙂 I will definitely be
    looking for that Elf cuticle pen the next time I go to Target, it sounds

  26. Flo Goodemote says:

    Enjoyed this video! Thanks for the info on the elf cuticle pen! I also
    love the Bath and Body Shops hand soaps!

  27. Nicole Schmotzer says:

    What color is your polish it looks so pretty!

  28. Glambunctious ! says:

    LOL! “…or biting, if you’re into that…” Too funny! That Bliss cream
    has been on my wish list for awhile now, and I really want to try the Miss
    Manga mascara. I have really sparse lashes and a little clumpiness at the
    base would be really helpful! 

  29. Tina Marie Style says:

    I love the Oahu scent. I picked up a backup as well. I will have to pick up
    the cuticle pen. I was planning to place an ELF order so perfect timing.