My LEGS – Products I use – Shave/Exfoliate/Moisturize

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25 Responses to “My LEGS – Products I use – Shave/Exfoliate/Moisturize”

  1. hollyannaeree says:

    @lizzibabyyy hahha yes i did! i am obsessed but sad now that i can no
    longer get it

  2. hollyannaeree says:

    @Nancy499956989 umm okay. well yeah id hope that youd base liking my videos
    NOT on how i look. O_o anyways thats your opinion I like the eye look and
    you are the only person that has disliked it so far. its all opinion. its
    my face im gonna do what i like and i dont really care about anyone elses
    opinion on it. thats like if you wore a shirt i thought was ugly and made
    you look fat but you loved it. who am i to say. you didnt ask for my
    opinion. same thing.

  3. hollyannaeree says:

    @lizd4thewin does it really matter?

  4. MissCheerQueen1 says:

    please do a foundation routine its flawless!!!!!!!! im begging you holly(:

  5. Pia Piyapat says:


  6. hollyannaeree says:

    @spottedoctopus274 mhmmm : )

  7. hollyannaeree says:

    @fredaxo1 never tried. it scares me too much

  8. xjeanetteer says:

    i used to use that lotion tooo until my store stopped carrying it :/

  9. hollyannaeree says:

    @StephieSoud aww thank you : )

  10. aznswti says:

    you should try inuition! it has the blades with the soap bar around it,
    this way you dont have to use shaving cream and then the razor, it’s 2 in
    1! =D

  11. Valerie Robfogel says:

    Were do you go to buy the expholiater?

  12. hollyannaeree says:

    @charmainepetite im scared to LOL

  13. TiffanyChoable says:

    enjoyed this video a lot :0

  14. hollyannaeree says:

    @zaffe93 hoe stupid. i pitty your ignorance. hope your comment made you
    feel good about yourself though so at least it will have done something.

  15. hollyannaeree says:

    @RufaroDiaries lol ^_~

  16. listentoherrawr says:

    what are the benefits of exfoliating your legs?

  17. Sheriichi says:

    how often do you shave your legs & how often do you change your
    razors/blades? i just started shaving my legs (i used an epilator before,
    but it hurts to much & you always have to wait for about 4 days after the
    hair starts growing again before you can epilate again, so it’s not so
    great in summer =/); so i’m not really into it yet and i don’t know how
    often you have to change the blades, so your skin doesn’t get irritated.

  18. George Yarnal says:

    why are you so pretty?

  19. hollyannaeree says:

    @astrononerd i dont really feel like its anyones business really and the
    way the haters are they take any little bit of personal information you
    give them and try to twist it into something negative. i try to be a little
    less personal these days on my channels. not to mention things like that
    are really different for everyone. i feel like who am i to give advice or
    my thoughts on a situation that is so unique person to person ya know?

  20. Denise L. says:

    what color is that on your nails?

  21. Laydeexvieet says:

    Hi holly, what can i do if i have bumps on my legs? i started shaving
    really early like 10 and ever since i started shaving i have been having
    bumps, i dont know if its hair ingrown or if its just bumps but its really
    annoying..these bumps makes me feel really uncomfortable and ugly.. can you
    pleasse help me ?.

  22. StrawberrieHeart says:

    Wow…. you are seriously so gorgeous.

  23. CapucineFabien says:

    Your skin looks absolutely perfect in this video, if you weren’t so nice
    I’d be really damn jealous! 🙂

  24. hollyannaeree says:

    @yuki3115 i use the same i dont usually use a shave gel or anything just
    hit em with the razor in the shower i dont have a lot of hair there so its
    not a big deal

  25. hollyannaeree says:

    @BoomBamnBaby lol ive shaved off SKIN with the bic single blades when i was
    younger O_o