My Fitness Journey (Arms, Core, Legs & Butt Workout)

Hey all I’m back with a new video showing you all my newest fitness journey. My goal is to work on my arms, core, legs and butt. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my progress. Digital…
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14 Responses to “My Fitness Journey (Arms, Core, Legs & Butt Workout)”

  1. NaturallyNellzy says:

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  2. Rose Kimberly says:

    yOU LOok beautiful!! LOVE THIS!

  3. Monae Rae says:

    Love that sport bra and your body is so bomb

  4. Dia Andy says:

    To see quicker and better results with your arms, you HAVE TO use heavy
    weights. Like 20 or more pounds! Thanks for sharing! 

  5. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    First…. You look amazing! Nice scale and thanks for sharing.

  6. Bizzus Tissa Bruny says:

    Good luck on your journey dear.

  7. zporota says:

    Great video
    I’ll start working out at home
    What’s the link of the body weights
    Thanks n ur body Waouh amazing those chocolate bars are coming along!!

  8. Badgurlbeauty says:

    hmmmm good tip. turning on a movie and working out through out. i am very
    concerned about my weight since i switched from a job where i am constantly
    on my feet to one where i am sedentary. during my down time i do some
    jumping jacks. i also workout daily too. i do at least an hour workout.

  9. janae smith says:

    Yes please do some more videos oike this I was literally just looking for
    workout videos when you posted this lol

  10. Lydia Hutchinson says:

    Your hair…. love it what did you do ti it.

  11. April R. says:

    Wayyy to go. I can’t wait to see your summer time body. This motivated me
    to keep me going. I get lazy sometimes lol.

  12. Lola baby says:

    had to pause the video your hair!!! I love it… is that a wash n go???

  13. regina lembrick says:

    Thanks girl for sharing cause I workout at home too & eat whatever as well
    but I like the fact that you’re keeping it real unlike some other
    youtubers… Btw, your body is on fleek… You better get it girl lol

  14. ShedSession19 says:

    You are fine and sexy as hell. However, being healthy is a plus. Stay
    strong and good luck on your journey.