My 15 Favorite Beauty Products!

My 15 Favorite Beauty Products!

Watch in HD | My 15 Favorite Beauty Products! I did have this titled My 2013 Favorites but l had to re-upload it so I just went ahead & changed the title too…
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Favourite Beauty Products of 2013

Products Mentioned: London Brush Company Pure Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo Amie Morning Clear Purifying Face Wash Therapie Restore Aura Spray Therapie Boost…
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4 Responses to “My 15 Favorite Beauty Products!”

  1. Yelena Lskaya says:

    Love your favorites! I want to go and get some stuff from elf, I’ll place
    an order once I see a good sale or so! I love the hard candy bronzers and
    blushes. I actually picked up one blush from eBay since I didn’t see the
    shade at walmart. it’s in the color “Pin Up” and it’s such a perfect
    highlight color and it’s supposed to be a dupe for a discontinued mac msf
    in “By Candlelight” If you see it at walmart then you should definitely
    pick it up since you love mac products! :)

  2. lipstickbabydoll says:

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  3. ClaireMakeupStudio says:

    Love your favourites ! I really need to try out at least one of the 2
    foundations you talked about. 

  4. wheelingalong says:

    The best of 2013’s Beauty Products….need I say more?