Hey guys! Do you want to know the secret to growing your hair fast? Watch this video and see how you can! It is possible! here’s an updated version…

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25 Responses to “HOW TO GROW 2-4 INCHES OF YOUR HAIR IN A WEEK! | EVIN Yalcin ♥”

  1. Evin Yalcin says:

    Okay I’m only going to say this one last time, so for everyone who’s asking
    “i thought u said not to wash your hair everyday, but you’re telling us to
    wash our hair after the inversion method” UNLESS you’re applying oil to
    your scalp DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY the reason it’s okay to wash it
    after oil has been applied is because the oil acts as a barrier and
    prevents the shampoo from striping away any natural oils because more oil
    is being added to nourish the hair. Also you can’t wash the oil off with
    just water because if you were listening in science class u would have
    known oil and water do not go together. thank you :)

  2. Evin Yalcin says:

    “how often is the inversion method done?” once a day, everyday for one
    week. one week out of each month.

  3. Evin Yalcin says: I FOUND A WAY TO GROW MY HAIR 2

  4. Evin Yalcin says:

    I am unable to reply to some comments :(

  5. Evin Yalcin says:

    I will be recording a results and FAQ video soon, if you would like me to
    answer any questions there, comment here, p.s. please don’t comment the
    same questions over and over again, if you see your question, give it a
    thumbs up.

  6. Rosie Farenlist says:

    SCAM!!! i tried it and it did NOT grow!!

  7. Karen Kinsey says:

    Perhaps you should learn how to speak properly before making any tutorial

  8. Evin Yalcin says:

    For my male viewers who requested a FAST WAY to GROW YOUR BEARD here it is: Enjoy!

  9. Maria Eduarda Mayrinck says:

    Hey thanks for good tips. I recently donated 20″ of my hair to make wigs
    for girls w cancer & want to grow it out to do it again. Question: If I put
    the coconut oil at night, do the inversion technique, sleep w the coconut
    oil in but have a hardcore 4hour training in the morning (I’m an athlete)
    under the sun, you think I need to wash the oil out before I work out? If I
    do, it’s 2 hair washes in one day after all this trouble because I need to
    wash it when I get back from training. Would that void the effort? I think
    I’m going to go train with the coconut oil in so I can wash hair just once
    a day. Any thoughts would be nice. Thanks.

  10. Archita Sharma says:

    I. LOVE. YOU. After watching about a million videos about how to grow out
    hair, I FINALLY found one which is fast, easy, and actually WORKS.!! :’) <3

  11. Charley Van Acker Jr. says:

    My wife is a Cosmetologist. Her recommendation also includes, shampooing
    your scalp, ONLY! Bringing the hair up to shampoo ruffles up the cuticle
    and causes breakage. (Unless of course, your hair has been exposed to
    debris: rub your longer locks, lightly). Rinse really well – apply
    conditioner to the ends – this keeps your scalp a chance to create it’s own
    natural oils, rather than the help of a chemical. Since each strand of
    hair has a Cuticle a Madulla and a Vellus; when the hair becomes too dry,
    they start to separate, so it is important to find a stylist who likes long
    hair (as my wife does!!) and have them ‘nip’ NOT TRIM the ends. The ‘nip’
    will allow the strand to be healthy and NOT split causing the the Vellus or
    the Madulla to separate, run up the shaft of the hair, break off and have
    your hair look like horse-mane. Thick from the new growth, to the bottom
    (at least in most cases). BTW: great video; we love your accent! :->>

  12. Ari Garcia says:

    I HATE your hair! That’s a really good compliment though because I hate it
    cause its so beautiful! I envy it

  13. Dev B says:

    Your accent is adorable! Great video! Great Hair!

  14. Evin Yalcin says:

    Hair growth results & FAQ :)

  15. cddlyxx julie says:

    I like your hair colour

  16. Pink strawberries says:

    when there is grease in your hair it means that you have like a layer or
    dirt and gross oils in your hair… its very unhealthy i wash mine everyday
    and if you rinse and wash your hair in cold water it helps with stimulating
    the roots… wash your hair everyday its unhealthy to not cause you will
    have over 3 layers of dirt on your head thats why it feels so sticky and
    gross if you let it get greasy… also you cant do anything with it but
    leave it down and it looks horrible!!! okay so yea…

  17. chelsie taylor says:

    my hair grew two inches in a month by brushing five min a day with a cat
    brush not a thin sharp bristle brush it has thicker bristles. it does the
    massaging for me :)

  18. Ellie Gagnon says:

    I love this video❤️ I had long hair but cut it short

  19. Valorie Bjorkman says:

    Where’d you get that sweata!!!i luv it and thanks for the vid

  20. Tabitha Bell says:

    this might seem wierd but .. anyone can you usee vegetable oil is that ok

  21. Vajrahldr says:

    You…. are truly beautiful. Thank you.

  22. Julia Miller says:

    Can u use hair oil for the inversion method???

  23. Kathereane Olson says:

    omg I love this idea your a genius thanks for sharing it sounds simple but
    effected and haters be nice she just sharing something that works for her
    and might work for you so yeah thanks for the vid ;)

  24. Ashley Thomas says:

    This is bull shit hair does NOT grow 2-4 inches in A WEEK. Get educated 

  25. selena adnan says:

    Your hair are beautiful..are u arab..?