How I SHAVE My FACE! Demo! Tips and Tricks!!

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25 Responses to “How I SHAVE My FACE! Demo! Tips and Tricks!!”

  1. shauna crook says:

    Im sorry Melissa this may sound rude im not trying to be but I think you
    might need to take a rest from makeup on your face ive noticed over the
    past year or so the spots on your face and it has definitely gotten worse.
    Youve got to let your face breath. If you dont its going to keep getting
    worse. Just trying to look out for you…..

  2. MJ SM says:

    Yaaasss thank god ! Now I dont feel like a half human half bigfoot ! I grow
    hair like a centimeter away from my eyes, wtf !

  3. Michelle Raymond says:

    I grow hair all over my
    Face too girl even my neck:( peach fuzz everywhere. I use to get teased so
    much. U make me laugh. Thanks for doin this video and keeping it real!!! 

  4. rhonda w says:

    I do the same thing for peach fuzz but I have had a real problem with dark
    facial hair all my life that got real bad with menopause ! I bought the
    tria and it worked for me but I have very light skin and it worked for the
    dark hair not the peach fuzz. It was worth the 600 dollars. 

  5. Andrea Wanting says:

    I have found that the skin on my eye lid has become ” harder” so to speak,
    any one have suggestions as I would like to continue using this method as
    it is a nice clean look until waxing day.

  6. Jamie Lewison says:

    I notice a ring! 🙂 congrats, hopefully everything is going well for you :)

  7. karissa doughty says:

    I love how you are not afraid to do “personal” videos like this. Your
    clinical strength deodorant video was SUPER helpful. Got me that Certain
    Dri stuff and it works like a charm. But I have some facial hair as well
    and this will help SO MUCH!

  8. Katie Bourque says:

    I thought she got divorced?.. But she’s wearing her wedding set? Not trying
    to be nosey, just curious!
    Loved this tutorial, thank you for being so brave! 🙂 

  9. kieramcgregor says:

    Honestly, fucking love you. I follow a few beauty gurus on YouTube even
    ones with over 1 million subscribers and I have to say your my absolute
    favourite!! And I’m not just saying that. ❤️

  10. Johanna Cundiff says:

    You know when I first started watching you, you did a video just like this
    & I was so happy I wasn’t the only woman shaving peach fuzz of my face! Lol
    now I’ve watched your second one! Gosh I got sooo much flack from people
    telling me so much crap about it! Example: you shouldn’t do that, it will
    do this or do that. Your skin will have black dots etc etc! Gurllll
    pah-leezeeee. Been doing it for-evah and nothing has changed! So thank u
    Melissa for your new updated one & congratulations! Ps….saw a ring. Hope
    you are happy! :)

  11. Edith Aguilar says:

    Hi Melissa! I have to say that thanks to you, I now Shave My Face, Girl!!
    I also get peach fuzz on the top of my cheek bone! What the heck’s with
    that?? But now I love shaving it off. You’re are soooo right. My face is
    smoother right after. I do shave my upper lip and at least for me, it
    doesn’t come back in coarser. I guess it’s different for everyone.
    Anyway, thanks for the shaving tip and l love love love your videos. I
    even respond to your questions while I’m watching you!! LOL! You make my

  12. Mary Adams says:

    OMG! I thought I was the only one who grew little hairs on top of the
    checkbone/undereye area…so annoying. After 50 it seems hair falls thins
    at your brows and head and making an appearance in other places…ugh!
    Anyway, I’m going to give those little razors for the face a try!! 

  13. hashbr0wns says:

    MELISSA! I love you so much, your positivity and happy nature is inspiring
    🙂 love from england x

  14. MaRiSSaLoVeSbLuE2 says:

    I love your videos…you have such an amazing personality always make
    things seem so fun! 🙂 you are right about makeup going on so much
    smoother. And it exfoliating the skin. I tried doing this for the first
    time a few years ago when I noticed that my sisters makeup seemed to always
    look do smooth. I am latina and was not blessed with light color peach
    fuzz.I asked her what she did and she had been going to salon for a full
    face wax. I figured that if they can wax it all off why not try a little
    shaver thingy. So I did it and it much more affordable. Even gives me that
    very clean and fresh glow which helps when I don’t want makeup on and just
    wear a little bb cream. Your face in the video gets that same fresh glow
    afterwards. light That’s for this cracked me up with the
    werewolf comments lol

  15. jennifer sousa says:

    “Lookin like a werewolf, girl” youre so funny

  16. Karina Croxton says:

    Life update? Nice ring 🙂 

  17. staci kathryn says:

    I have facial hair & it runs in the family. My mom has it, some of her
    sisters & I think her mom (my grandmother). Over the years I’ve tried 4
    different laser treatments & one after the other it has gotten worse. My
    mom did her electrolysis hair removal for 20 years & she still has dark
    hairs but not that noticeable than mine. I have to do hair removal
    cream once a week. I also tried a couple bleach creams & don’t work. Can
    anyone help me out? I live in Ontario, Canada btw.

  18. Meg O. says:

    I really wish this worked for me! Every time I try this, I end up breaking
    out along my mouth and jawline. It’s so weird! Does the hair help buffer
    the oil??? LOL.

  19. uglybobswife says:

    if you live in Canada .. have a look at your local dollar store .. i saw
    the little facial razors there .. a pack of 2 for 1.25 🙂 

  20. Nairuz G. says:

    I just came here to say you’re awesome. 

  21. Mary Buck says:

    Yep. I’ve done the same thing for over 10 yrs… Except I will do my
    “mustache” & don’t find that it grows back as stubble. The creams seemed to
    leave an irritation/burn a lot of the time… I often see pretty girls out
    that look great– except for a full face of heavy peach fuzz! I just wanna
    clue em in! Glad you & MM&L have led the crusade (aren’t they the best?!)!

  22. samantha Wendling says:

    Melissa I think you are absolutely beautiful with or without makeup. I
    commend you for coming on here and showing us ladies how to take care of
    our skin. I had absolutely no idea how to do that with one of those razors
    with my eyebrows. Well now that I do thank you I’m going to start using
    one. As usual great video keep them coming honey. Love ya.

  23. Taylor McLain says:

    You can get facial razors at family dollars, and dollar generals in America
    . I use them, I love them so easy to do & painless

  24. cotyalvarado77 says:

    Okay, you have a new subbie here as of today! I accidently stumbled upon
    your you tube channel and not only do you have good informative
    videos…. A.) I LOVE your accent (very southerner, so cute!) and B.) Gurl
    you are HILL-AR-I-OUS!!! hahah! 

  25. grnidwitch says:

    I’m a blonde and I have alot of very fine blonde hair and peach fuzz. In
    the right light, I glow………………….lol. I wax the mustache and
    pluck the chin hairs. I might try to remove the fuzz they way you do. I’ve
    been afraid that it would grow in too heavy. Great vid Mel. Keep up the
    great work.