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Women's Fashion Tips : How to Dress Like Dita Von Teese

Dressing like Dita Von Teese involves using corsets to get an hourglass figure. Learn Dita Von Teese’s fashion style with tips from a fashion specialist in t…

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26 Responses to “High Street Fashion | Women’s Clothing | Highstreet Fashion | Definition | Labels | Wiki | Brands”

  1. The Model Factory says:

    Nicely put together

    The Model Factory

  2. carla bradbury says:

    This lady needs to research!!! Dita isn’t a nude dancer, She is a Burlesque
    Dancer which involves strip tease, With no nudity.

  3. DrakeVenix says:

    Dude, first off how about you be a bit nicer. Second, do 20 seconds of
    searching on Google and you’ll find you’re quite wrong. I was not referring
    to her shows, so how about you chill out.

  4. Kiki G. says:

    this spokesperson knows nothing about dita von teese,so basic suggestion is
    to do the homework on the person you will be talking about…dita actually
    prefers a victorian style corset, and is in the habit of buying victorian
    reproductions of theme from original victorian era patterns. and sorry but
    that dress may have a waist line u were trying to describe but looks like
    it was a homade project and not classy at all. and just for a personal tip,
    pin or tape your bra straps in before going on cam

  5. tryMakeme says:

    ok…that is NOT A CORSET…

  6. fuzzyprincessofdoom says:

    thigh highs does not a dita look make…..she wears stockings that don’t
    have elastic to hold them up that’s why they require garters….thigh highs
    just make ones legs appear as though they were sausages crammed into a
    miniscule space…..learn your fashion history!!!!

  7. Snapepet says:

    Someone tell me why I’m going to take fashion advice from someone wearing a
    cheap, fashionless dress, with her bra strap hanging out. Dita also only
    wears custom made corsets, that are going to do more for her than some
    store-bought rag that the rest of us can afford.

  8. LittleGirlsHaveGuns says:

    i dress like that all the time, it’s very practical.

  9. Corsetgirl76 says:

    Epic fail

  10. Maellen says:

    Bad fashion tips. You should study fashion history in depth before doing
    these videos, sorry. There is a world of diference bethweed hourglass
    corsetry and renaissance stays.

  11. Glasnya Rose says:

    WHAT is the Dita Von Teese Store online site where i can buy them online?

  12. vivaglamgaga07 says:

    who pays her !!!

  13. o0XOpheliacX0o says:

    oh dear, you’ve never heard of the very woman who married Marilyn Manson
    (and divorced him)?

  14. Molly Manglewood says:

    Those are not corsets! I like some of this girl’s videos, but don’t get
    this one at all. Why is she talking about corsets when she doesn’t seem to
    know what one is? The items she’s holding up are some kind of flimsy
    bustier (or basque, bodice, corselette?) and a girdle. Not corsets. Good
    instructions if you’re going to a Halloween party or something, I guess,
    but a real corset is custom made to your figure and will cost at least $300
    – $400.

  15. Mornie21 says:

    The clothes you show is exactly what the ladies in the red light district
    here in Amsterdam wear.

  16. JinaSolo says:

    You did not mention that it all needs to be in latex.

  17. alicein13 says:

    omg….there aren’t any medieval corsets, that’s so typical mainstream

  18. NicciBow says:

    Dallas?…Texas is the most backwards state period. One does not think
    Dallas or anything Texas when the word Fashion is used.

  19. melodiczombie says:

    completely agree with you anotherlostsoul1 ! how stupid is this woman?!
    dita says everything about her style in her book, if you were going to do a
    show etc about dita it would be wise to freakin research it properly first!

  20. ajkl27 says:

    Dita wears real corsets, not corset-style tops. A corset style top is not a
    suitable substitute for a real corset.

  21. hardtechnoboy says:

    It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

  22. truegem13 says:

    dang! would yall give the woman a break? she was telling people about how
    to get the Dita Von Teese look. Do you really expect her to
    condone/encourage people to go to the extreme of tighlacing (i’m not making
    any judgments on those who choose to do it but it does distort the shape of
    ones body) and buying ridiculously expensive corsets? No. This is just
    about getting the temporary look, FOR FUN.

  23. AcidicMoron says:

    go bang? I think you need to rehearse more before you do any type of
    recording, make your voice more presentable.Make the video more
    interesting. Use models, fuck sakes.

  24. BlackIceAngel says:

    I hate when people make how to videos and have no idea what they’re talking
    about. Expert village sucks. those aren’t even corsets, they’re just tops.
    Go kill yourselves.

  25. Nastia says:

    i thought she would atleast wear it =.=” sucks !!!!!

  26. loyalqueen says:

    get a life other than defending people who dont know or give a fuck about u.