GUYS GUESS BRA PRICES & other girly things | hellokaty

HELLO LOVES, hope you enjoyed this video in HD 🙂 give this video a thumbs up if you did! *NOTE: This is a video inspired by the buzz feed video called “Guys…
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25 Responses to “GUYS GUESS BRA PRICES & other girly things | hellokaty”

  1. Britany Rodriguez says:

    Conner looks like the hot version of the eyebrow kid in We’re the Millers. 

  2. Lesly You says:

    Where did your sister get her glasses? Can you tell me the brand and model

  3. Cheska Ramirez says:

    Am i thee only one who thinks Katy looks like Kalani from Dance moms?!? But
    anyways I loved the video!!

  4. cuekelly says:

    you act so different around guys

  5. Hoda Zarni says:

    “You paid $25 dollars for this?!”

  6. HelloKaty says:

    N E W V I D E O hot off the presses! 

  7. SkyeLee1214 says:

    What is the song

  8. Lps Cray Cray says:


  9. tewsimple says:

    this was so entertaining I wish it lasted for 20 minutes

  10. roxylove says:

    wait how old is she? she looks like she could be 20-something but shes
    complaining about 25-year-olds?

  11. ibarra. says:

    loved it! how do you play pop song without getting a copyright strike?

  12. CheyenneRose says:

    Omg! I love the song Cool Kids!!! ❤️

  13. Savanna Douglas says:

    THEIR BACK! I feel like I haven’t seen Connor or Craig in forever :)

  14. heykbugxo says:

    Oh my gosh! Craig has grown up (physically at least) a lot since we’ve last
    seen him… 

  15. meghanrose001 says:

    Really confused as to why you don’t have over a million subscribers. Your
    videos are always entertaining and edited extremely well for the typical
    beauty guru. 

  16. hollidaymk says:

    LOVE your videos. You’re such an inspiration to me, Katy. In every video I
    find more reasons to look up to you 🙂 

  17. Jadyn Hvass says:


  18. MrsJamia says:

    Being a girl is expencive hell yeah it is!!

  19. Demi says:

    Whats the song she plaued firsyt called xx please help x

  20. mynameiskatied says:

    Hello! Im also called Katie (but with an ie)! Does anyone want to become
    youtube buddies or something, especially other small youtubers but anyone
    is fine! 🙂 x

  21. Cera Peyton says:

    This was really funny!!

  22. InternetDJ1677 says:

    When you said they were guessing the price of girly things I immediately
    thought pads and tampons. Lol

  23. India Newman says:

    u stupi’

  24. Isabella M says:

    you guys are VERY dirty.

  25. Ishiqa Chawla says: