Gucci Presents: Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show

Tricky – Nothing’s Changed Written by Adrian Nicholas Matthew Thaws Courtesy of False Idols in association with !K7 Records.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Gucci Presents: Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show”

  1. christoc99 says:

    yes the music was a little off : (

  2. Gian GG says:

    Old-fashioned hollywood style, tacky as hell. Nobody will wear that except
    Paris Hilton! POOR GUCCI!

  3. Sue Giunta says:

    Beautiful, flowing, colorful, glistening, absolutely fabulous! Susan F.
    McKnight Giunta.

  4. Smith Beatrice says:

    Gucci Presents: Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show, look for Gucci
    fashion everywhere

  5. 羊羹 says:

    What this song name? please 

  6. Lishu K. says:

    I love the music somehow 🙂
    but LOVE the collection too!

  7. FLAINOX S.R.L. - The Official Page says:

    #gucci #fashion 

  8. memberofthetribe1 says:

    soooo……..basically there were 8 outfits…..and they showed those 8
    outfits in six or seven different fabrics. huh……..

  9. memberofthetribe1 says:

    Christian, you are a man of great musical taste! The song is by Green
    Velvet, and it is called “Bigger than Prince”, and you can find numerous
    remixes of it here on the tube.

  10. issac wong says:

    ,Fuc. You

  11. Nigel Silcox says:

    what depressing music ugh!!! had to stop watching…feeling down:(

  12. Christian Rondon says:

    What’s the name of the second song

  13. SEL MOON says:


  14. Romy Drábková says:

    Frida did a great job – collection is a sort of refined and serious. There
    is a touch of Roman empire in the colours and the way of presentation.
    Loved it !

  15. Ramone Richards says:

    To be honest “First the music is not the issue” Secondly I do think that
    there was some form of futuristic theme going on however based on Previous
    Gucci Summer wear, This is very covered up yeah the boobs are exposed and
    there are little peek a boos here and there but it looked mature like over
    35 wear. Or What Conservative wealthy under 25 females would wear

  16. BOO CL says:

    Please thinking out of the box Frida!! It doesn’t look new or current~ we
    want Tom Ford back!!!

  17. Valo Schecter says:

    Why Fashion Shows don’t let the original sountrack from the real show 🙁
    Does anyone know?

  18. WildDoveX says:

    Beautiful, slinky. Love the handbags, fabrics, designs. Colors are more
    fall than spring , but fabrics look light enough to wear through the
    summer, especially summer evenings.

  19. sebastian jasso says:

    i dont know why is gucci is still around like please who wears it now these
    day its just getting old

  20. M.K. Outland says:

    Beautiful collection. Loved the subtle and playful use of gold 😀

  21. Lishu K. says:

    love it! so sexy!

  22. BOO CL says:

    Please thinking out of the box Frida~ it doesn’t look current or new! We
    want Tom Ford back~!!!

  23. Bloomsbury Manor says:
  24. Bloomsbury Manor says:
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