EMPTIES: July 2014 Products I Have Used Up Beauty and Health

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Hi Guys! Here’s my BIG, VIDEO of ALL MY FAVORITES from 2012. Click here to see my daily bit of awesomeness: http://www.kandeej.com I’ve got all my favorites …

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27 Responses to “EMPTIES: July 2014 Products I Have Used Up Beauty and Health”

  1. hadassa barak says:

    Great video,cute kiss from your son, as for your makeup loving it !!!!!

  2. BARE says:

    July 2014 Products I Have Used Up Beauty + Health

  3. Angela Diaz says:

    Omg kandee I loove your shirt where did you get I have to know

  4. theidiosynkraticfox says:

    Ellie looked so serious when you had the baby wash. Looked like she was
    reading too!! So cute! 

  5. The Mom's View says:

    We love makeup expert +kandee johnson’s 2012 #beauty favorites, and so will

  6. MissPetiteAmour says:

    Your daughter is ADORABLE!! The face she is making at 1:12 is the cutest
    baby concentrating face I’ve ever seen!

  7. Kandee Johnson says:

    I edit sitting on my couch, using imovie! hee hee

  8. Ashlee Layne says:

    I LOVE your shirt 🙂 Where did you get it? xx

  9. birdsaremean says:

    That is the first thing I thought of too!

  10. Jacquie T says:

    Let Ellie do your makeup this time 😛

  11. Kandeeland says:

    one is on the way!

  12. StyleStrands says:

    To all my fellow makeup/beauty lovers.. I am having a big beauty giveaway
    on my channel and am giving away some awesome products (Sigma Brushes,
    Benefit Cosmetics Kit, Buxom Kit, products from Victoria’s Secret and
    more!) If you would like to enter, please take a temporary little detour
    over to my channel 🙂 Thanks so so much! <3

  13. Vickie Chatelain says:

    Tu es pardonnée 😉

  14. audra skaggs says:

    Your daughter is a cutie

  15. MagpieD says:

    You really should have your own tv show.

  16. Alex Marie says:

    Hey guys would love it if you check out my channel! Uploaded post Christmas
    haul and random facts recently!

  17. danamarie11740 says:

    I can’t STAND how adorable your daughter is!!! I’m 7 months and having a
    little girl…I can only HOPE she is as cute as yours!!! Love from NY!!!

  18. Lauren Dvorak says:

    Do a house tour!!!

  19. sheon kadish says:

    demi lovato makeup look

  20. Kandee Johnson says:

    not anymore! ha ha ha

  21. stevidog says:

    Heehee I thought you said “pissy feet” for the perfume

  22. Steph Palucci says:

    no favorite eyeliner?!

  23. drax17 says:

    yes pls do a video on how u make ur leather cuff. I drool over that every
    video u wear it in 🙂

  24. Locabiz29 says:

    I remember that was one of the first videos u had…how to make the
    necklace…loved it!!!!!! Plz make a new necklace and vid.

  25. flibbertygibbet says:

    I love copperplate but I find the dark brown is too dark for my blonde
    eyebrows. So I use Omega on my eyebrows. I love it. It darkens enough to
    make my rather sparse brows look fuller but doesn’t make me look like my
    mom used to look in the 50’s and 60’s.

  26. Amy Chavez says:

    whoa! lots of jewelry!

  27. Madison Prentice says:

    Oh,my,gosh! You have an amazing style. You should make, like, a fashion
    channel for like “How To Style” and “Favorite Outfits for Fall (winter,
    spring, summer, etc.)” or things like that. c: I would watch that.