DIY Green Tea Body Butter Tutorial

Green beauty. Why does it matter? If you’re like any other breathing human, you probably care about what you put into your body — so why wouldn’t you care about what you’re putting on it?…
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14 Responses to “DIY Green Tea Body Butter Tutorial”

  1. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide says:

    Check out this green tea body butter #DIY with @KirbieJohnson and

  2. sinead savanah says:

    are eos shaving creams and lip balms green? they didnt mention them in this

  3. BavarianPeenuts says:

    Is her Botox paraben free too?

  4. Glitterpop785 says:

    Where can I get the beeswax and shea butter? Ty 🙂 

  5. Candice Honeycutt says:

    A good rule is that if you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be
    using it

  6. ThePoojaJosh . says:

    Wont the tea separate since there is no emulsifier? 

  7. R L West says:


  8. Jennifer Zamora says:


  9. HerroKerushii says:

    I love diy beauty! <3

  10. Art Candy says:

    This was so helpful!! Thankyou x

  11. Talia Damon says:

    They already posted this!!!!!!!!!!

  12. adrian rios says:

    Why do most health nuts look one step away from death?

  13. Loni Smith says:

    Great recipe. Adding some coconut oil would be an added bonus. My

  14. Emma Summed up says:

    Should try that out my skin is the dyiest and exmaest skin on earth :(