CAMPUS FASHION PEOPLE 01 – Seoul Women’s Univ. JANG HAE-MIN(3가지 아이템 & 반전 Looks)

Seoul Women’s University student ‘GAIN’ introducing six reversal looks out of three items! Jang Hae-min which is a various magazine cover model, amateur phot…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “CAMPUS FASHION PEOPLE 01 – Seoul Women’s Univ. JANG HAE-MIN(3가지 아이템 & 반전 Looks)”

  1. Yukitokase says:

    after viewin other styles in the video series, urgh, this one is better.

  2. Rebecca Hung says:

    <3 i just fell in love with her style xD

  3. Anastazia Won says:

    Pretty good topic for video series .
    Will watch this ;)

  4. quynh adrong says:

    Someone please tell me whats the beginning song is

  5. Ka Nills says:

    You’re so pretty and classy 🙂 I really like your style

  6. 박미희 says:

    당장 살빼러가야겠다. . 옷 잘입으셔서 부러워요ㅎ

  7. Janae Jeon says:

    Love all these outfits! Its awesome how you got shots of models Go Jun Hee,
    Hong Joong Hyun, Zico, and P.O.!! And AOMG! WOOO

  8. susana martinez says:

    I just love it and she is so pretty and so FANCYYYYY

  9. C Huynh says:


  10. kelseybubu says:

    the beginning song is Back down to earth:)

  11. hazz0216 says:

    I want more! Love this!

  12. Solmi Woo says:

    진짜 너무 예쁘심 …. 게다가 서울여대라니!!

  13. Billie Jean says:

    She looks like Bang Yong Guk

  14. doyoulikepotatoes says:

    She looks a bit like Ga In. I need help lol, is it her or Ga In in the
    photo collage near the beginning?

  15. emilykwans says:

    ahn jaehyun???

  16. Clera Carreon says:

    just got shocked i saw BlockB’s Zico & PO XD just here for the fashion tips
    then BOOM!! ahahahaaa

  17. Stephanie Anne says:

    Hopefully this is a new series! I love it already! And she looks like a
    female version of bang yongguk lol

  18. Misa Celine says:

    i liked this video because of her sense of style, but i loved it even more
    when i saw zico! haha

  19. nathinafinnify says:

    the way she pose is really chic, love her style so much ❤️

  20. Sandy Lam says:

    Haemin is so charming! I particularly loved the looks with the bandana
    because it is definitely something I love to accessorise with~ Haemin’s
    makeup for the night time look is gorgeous!! 

  21. 배디나 says:

    몸매도 좋고, 얼굴도 매력적이고, 옷도 잘입고, 거기에 일반인인데 진행도 잘하시네요- 부럽다<3

  22. Ji Ran says:

    I think she has the best taste of styling among the girls in this series ,
    hope to see her again in next episode , hwaitinggg 

  23. Rini Ridhawaty says:

    She looks like bang youngguk in female version. especially her smile :O

  24. omi_ever says:

    I loved the girl in this video, she seemed so fashionable and natural at
    the same way! She should make more videos, ahe definetely has the charm :3

  25. jyroz says:

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks slightly like BYG? (Bang Yongguk)