Boyish/ Androgynous Beauty Makeup Tutorial

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25 Responses to “Boyish/ Androgynous Beauty Makeup Tutorial”

  1. Nessa Stinebaker says:

    I have always appreciated your makeup tutorials but this gave me a whole
    new level of respect for you. as a gender fluid person this means a lot to
    me. thank you <3

  2. Jay Go says:

    Not many makeup gurus (or professionals) go this far and adventurous with
    make up. I love it, being gender fluid/androgynous myself. You’re such a
    lovely person <3 thanks, Lisa! 

  3. LohengrinTh says:

    My God you think of everybody.. I never thought there would be a Lesbian
    make up :p AMAZING :p

  4. ember fly says:

    I find this breathtaking.

  5. strawberryseason says:

    Wow, she looks phenomenal.

  6. Madeline White says:

    Could you do a tutorial of your hair, too? I think that would be fabulous
    to really pull the look together for those who want to try it.

  7. Kate Galang says:

    ohhhh lisa. you are soooo beautiful. i just want to look at you face
    forever and steal all of your beautiful makeup. love you girl!

  8. Funeral Giggle says:

    You’re a very handsome woman!

  9. Prathiba Mohan says:

    No wonder I naturally look like boy. -.-

  10. Michelle Barrêto says:

    In fact, it is a great “no make up” make up! Your skin looks flawless. Even
    being a girly girl, I could easily do these steps and add a touch of blush
    and black mascara. You are the best, Lisa!

  11. Michiko Yeung says:

    Damn. Lisa could pull some birds like that.

  12. Megumi Fukuhara says:

    This look is perfect if you’re cosplaying as a boy. Very natural, yet it
    will photograph nicely without looking fake. 

  13. Lex VDC says:

    Love this kind of brows! This looks reminds me of this picture of Taylor
    Swift for some cover magazine, she was unrecognizable in a good way, all in
    the brows really. 

  14. sangXroyal says:

    It is so simple but one of my favourite looks yet 

  15. Perry Cross says:

    Hi Lisa! Member of the third gender here (male, andro) and this is an
    awesome everyday look. Thank you so much!

  16. heyysimone says:

    Hi i have question that ive been wondering for ages. I am an androgynous
    girl so therefor i want to look more chiseled like you do in this video.
    However i am very very pale (like mac nc15 is still a shade or 2 too dark
    for me). Do you recommend any foundations or things i could mix with a
    close foundation shade so i could get a better match. Also, is this a good
    contour palette for the super pale or is there a better one in terms of
    shade out there? I really want to avoid the whole obvious contour dirty
    stripes on my face look. Thanks heaps and i really loved this video :)

  17. letshaveabreak says:

    Great, very informative videos! I also like your English accent (I’m
    German) :)

  18. Ema Unguru says:

    this is just my every day look. I don’t really have the patience or skill
    to do my makeup in a more ‘feminine’ way. and my eyebrows tend to stay as
    thick as possible without being messy. 

  19. jonginyou says:

    yes i absolutely love the androgynous look and this tutorial is perfect!
    thank you so much!

  20. sbux steff says:

    This is the most amazing makeup look I have seen yet. Absolutely loved
    this. So informative. Thank you. 

  21. Alexandra Pryakhina says:

    Great idea! Very original!

  22. Anh Nguyen says:

    For some reason, you look a lot like Eva Green with this make up look!

  23. loverainthunder says:

    I LIKE you, that was great! Thanks!!

  24. Shannon H says:


  25. irice80 says:

    Brilliant as always.