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25 Responses to “Best Hair Color in Houston – Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair”

  1. CrystalVanity says:

    Just hearing peanut butter over and over again I decided to go make myself
    a peanut butter & jelly sandwich

  2. bellejem91 says:

    losing sleep for work tomorrow cause you uploaded <3 will always be tired
    for you!!

  3. Sarah Lowry says:

    I’ve been subscribed to you for a long while but I just wanna say that your
    makeup skill is amazing and I want to be a professional makeup artist when
    I’m older, and I have watched so many of your tutorials and I’ve taught
    myself how to wear makeup and now I put makeup on everyone because I’m good
    at it. Because of you.. Ilysm xoxo merry Christmas. ❤❤❤

  4. EverythingByDee says:

    I really like how the look came out! The cut crease goes well with your
    eyes 🙂 One thing I thought was a little shady was the fact that you
    “downed” the DRUGSTORE oil. And you specifically said drugstore.. It could
    have just been the certain product but nope, it was a basic drugstore one.
    We don’t all use everything high end, so I got pretty sensitive there!!

  5. Nicole McCann says:

    Obsessed with how Lolita looks

  6. Kiersten Close says:

    Girl which drugstore oil did you use? I’m curious so I don’t try it too!

  7. tiaramags says:

    Casey I was wondering if it’s worth buying the Anastasia contour kit? It
    seems like you only use the banana powder. Just wondering what your
    thoughts are on the rest of the palette. Love you my fav beauty guru xo

  8. Julia Warren says:

    I feel like my lolita doesn’t come off as purple! But maybe it’s just the

  9. Casey Holmes says:
  10. toofacedcosmetics says:

    We’re dying over this look! It’s absolutely gorgeous xoxo

  11. Flawless Conner says:

    I feel so special because im like one of the first people to watch… GO ME

  12. Janie Herrera says:

    With the bobbi brown highlight, are you using one of the strip’s of the
    color to highlight? Or are you using all 5 colors at once?

  13. Kayla Marzo says:

    Love the intro!!

  14. hina sunshine says:

    Without your not, but with makeup your stunning

  15. edlira baftiari says:

    hi there I been watching ur videos for almost 1 year now n I love them.keep
    up the good work..BTW I see that u have redness I had some to around my
    nous but I saw my mom using one day for her allergy one kind of Vaseline n
    I put it on my redness is since then I don’t have any redness if ur
    iteresing for the name let me know maybe u can find it online or I can send
    it to u :)

  16. Lauren Renee says:

    such a pretty look! I didn’t get the original chocolate bar palette but I
    love the look of that one, especially that peanut butter color! and the
    blueberry swirl color! ugh, so pretty

  17. Ardillita Nini says:

    LOL “I LOOOOOAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWVAAAAAA” What’s the song at the intro?

  18. Diva Makeup Queen ❤ says:

    Love the look Casey! I love the color peanut butter too!

  19. Nik Saphirrez says:

    Before watching this video I’m going to assume that you have Lolita on your
    lips.. Let’s see if I’m right.

  20. ForeverRaquelLove says:

    love that cut crease look so pretty

  21. xKEBRx says:

    Love it! Wish I could wear dark lips. I swear it looks weird as hell on me
    bc I have pretty thin lips :/ 

  22. andrea campos says:

    you sound very smug and snobby, just because something from the drougstore
    doesnt work for you, doesnt mean its bad.. your attitude its rude 

  23. Robyn Janzen says:

    Love this look! I’ll be doing it today 🙂 my skin was horribly red from sun
    damage and I switched all my skin care to eminance. Wow what a difference!
    They are based out of Vancouver Canada and made in Hungary and if u can get
    your hands on some TRY IT! I used the lime stimulating mask twice and my
    hubby asked me the other day if I had makeup on already and I didnt! And
    the best part is they are 95% organic! It’s changed my skin and thought I’d
    pass on the knowledge ! Thanks again for the amazing vidoes! 

  24. BeautyBySydney16 says:

    Do you put heat on your hair everyday ??

  25. Bailey Limpy says:

    What pump do you use for the Estée Lauder foundation? Anybody know?