Beauty Talk: Drugstore vs. High End Hair-Care Products

Do you REALLY get what you pay for when it comes to shopping for shampoos, conditioners or hair-styling products? Paula’s Choice staffer Mercedes reveals why…

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13 Responses to “Beauty Talk: Drugstore vs. High End Hair-Care Products”

  1. SquirrelsOnFilm says:

    So what if you have curly hair and dry /damaged hair? Do you select a
    product for the curls or go with something for the dry/damaged issue – even
    if the dry/damage products are not formulated for curls?

  2. ninjaturtles12121 says:

    what about sulfate free shampoos? is it worth it should i switch to prolong
    hair color?

  3. zeldahopper says:

    Are higher priced nail polishes better or worth the $$???

  4. Tina Handshy says:

    So then, are heat protectant sprays also pretty useless?

  5. Revathi Srinivasan says:

    I am curious about what your team thinks about Dr. Bronner magic soaps. 

  6. Christine LaPorte says:

    How do you prevent benzoyl peroxide from pilling when you apply your
    moisturizer with SPF?

  7. lizk1216 says:

    Thank you that is so good to know, I did wonder if high were better but
    will now save my money :))

  8. Shannon Wissel says:

    I tried aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner based on a
    article I read and love it! Drugstore prices all the way! Can you recommend
    an equally awesome shampoo for wavy thick hair and/or oily scalp? 

  9. aslbyweller says:

    Loving all the videos from PC!!!

  10. affectionintheair says:

    Hi! Love all the videos! Question about alcohol in haircare products: we
    know that certain alcohols in skincare products are highly damaging to the
    skin while others are moisturizing agents. What about alcohol in haircare
    products, particularly in sprays in which the product is alcohol based? Do
    the same rules and precautions apply? Thanks!

  11. pondsandleaves says:

    Hi! I’ve been dying to ask this question. Does curly hair shampoo actually
    work? Not that i can identify each and evey ingredient, but what makes
    curly hair shapoo good for curly hair?

    And, if for oily hair shampoo, i do notice that drug store range simply is
    just way too harsh i suppose to counter the oily hair. Or for volumizing
    range, i would probably use volumizing shampoo but i would not consider
    volumizing conditioner, as it is far from conditioning to counter my dry
    and damaged split ends.

    Since all these symptoms are corelated, oily hair hence limp, oily scalp
    hence hair fall, I’ve now taylored my regime to gel form shampoo (hair fall
    control – schwarzkopf ) and non silicone based conditioner which is MooGoo.

  12. nalely789 says:

    i do agree as far as some styling products go..but i highly disagree when
    it comes to shampoo,conditioners,hair color ect. ive seen that my higher
    end products are more thrifty than drugstore shampoo/conditioner, i use
    less and it leaves my hair more better as well…honestly the only thing i
    buy in a drugstore is hard hold hairspray and dry shampoo those are
    products ive seen that is basically the same ….

  13. Madeline texas says:

    Thank you well said, I was buying hair products at the salon for over 4
    months & had notice no difference so I went back to drugstore & My question
    is so the heat protector spray is really not protecting the hair, because I
    notice that by the next wash the hair feels like it needs that extra