1940’s Fashion – Women’s War Hairstyles

http://glamourdaze.com/ and http://vintagemakeupguide.com/ A rare little 1940’s Hairstyle Fashion film courtesy of the Internet Archive. It features popular …
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22 Responses to “1940’s Fashion – Women’s War Hairstyles”

  1. A.E. says:

    @aasigraa Ahoy mate! 0:45 looks a lot like Christina.

  2. Alex Morales says:

    lol these where some ugly chicks but if you were a dude back then man man
    man you would die for one of these girls lol

  3. Idoljunky32 says:

    I just love these videos! Thank you for posting them!!!

  4. ChuloRob617 says:

    greatest generation ever…I have so much respect for them..

  5. Helen Johnson says:

    Thank you for these great videos Glamordaze.

  6. Goity01 says:

    I can’t get enough of these videos!

  7. Steven Tyler says:

    What do you look like Casanova?

  8. Alex Morales says:

    @logsonanopenfire yep haha

  9. Arietta MUA says:

    Lovely hairstyles!

  10. cee veril says:

    @TheChunkyKong nowadays beauty tecniques and technology for beauty has
    advanced a lot. i mean, have you seen Charlize Theron without makeup? she
    looks like a man. But when she is all well produced, she looks like a
    princess. Nowadays you have high tech makeup and hair care, and with that
    so many ugly women look beautiful for us. Don’t get fooled by every
    beautiful chick you see nowadays – the beauty market nowadays has advanced

  11. glamdalek says:

    @logsonanopenfire you are sorely mistaken

  12. logsonanopenfire says:

    @TheChunkyKong same went for guys too, i don’t think any girls today would
    declare that they wanna sex up Laurence Olivier.

  13. fancyladydiane1 says:

    Love these videos,i love their hair!!

  14. ClassicRetroGlamour says:

    Oh my! I LOVE It! So charming!

  15. T Davis says:

    Those hairstyles are coming back.

  16. hillkatback says:

    This is so great to see!

  17. cee veril says:

    My cat farted today.

  18. aasigraa says:

    @LaBorikua1058 :o)

  19. aasigraa says:

    It’s Christina aguilera !!! 0:45

  20. genia106 says:

    Lovely Coiffures! Merci Glamordaze, I enjoy your videos very much.

  21. Alchemy Makeup Artistry says:

    Fab video darling! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 xox

  22. Goonerette89 says:

    @logsonanopenfire you are joking, aren’t you? He was gorgeous and the women
    were more beautiful..